Superfly Tactical Academy of Counter-Offense

Dedicated to making world-class counter-offensive tactical solutions accessible to EVERYONE.

Due to the varying needs and goals of people Superfly Tactical provides martial arts instruction through two main methodologies, represented by the two different sub-divisions – Superfly Tactical Arts and Superfly Tactical Sciences.

Superfly Tactical Arts (STA) is primarily targeted at the Martial Arts aficionado who wishes to immerse themselves into learning the all aspects of the style – developing and fine-tuning skills and attributes with the goal of mastery.

The STA programmes use both the classical Doce Methodos and newer Tri-V methodologies of training to deliver a holistic Pekiti-Tirsia journey to martial artists.

STA currently offers one programme – Pekiti Flow.

Pekiti Flow is the main programme available to older teens (16+) and adults who wish to develop skills to a high degree. Students in Pekiti Flow will explore PTK through all the weapon platforms available (Single and Double Sticks, Single and Double Knife, Long Staff, Empty Hands, and Sword and Knife etc.).

Superfly Tactical Sciences (STS), on the other hand, is targeted at those who don’t have the intention or time to commit to mastering the art and would rather opt for immediately applicable skills for high-probability engagements.

STS programmes use only the Tri-V methodology of training due to it’s focus on direct combat applications. Three programmes are available under the STS – Direct Pekiti, Valkyrie Warriors, and Corporate Self-Defense.

Direct Pekiti, like Pekiti Flow, is the main programme available to older teens (16+) and adults. Students will explore application of Pekiti concepts and principles through the Single and Double Sticks, Single and Double Knife, and Empty Hands weapons platforms utilising both solo and partner drills.

Valkyrie Warriors and Corporate self-defense programmes are designed using the framework of the Pekiti-Tirsia Tactical Association’s well-regarded TriCom programme. TriCom is a programme developed using the Tri-V methodology to impart immediately applicable skills to Military and Law Enforcement Organisations.

Valkyrie Warriors is an exclusive womens-only self-defense class developed for the modern warrior woman. It will equip women with the skills to take their safety into their own hands and walk anywhere with confidence.

Corporate Self-Defense is a flexible programme that can be tailored to each company’s needs.


Pekiti-Tirsia Kali

“The word defense does not exist in Pekiti-Tirsia.”

Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (PTK) is a compact yet comprehensive close-quarters fighting system originating from Negros Occidental in The Philippines. Due to it’s efficacy in dealing with armed or unarmed opponents, PTK, originally the family system of the Tortal family, has spread far and wide across the world – seeing deployment in various military and law enforcement organisations.

One of PTK’s key advantages is that it is applicable across all weapons platforms – regardless of whether you’re empty-handed, wielding a long weapon, or even a short one, the concepts taught will be applicable to all. This allows you to maximise your training time, as you won’t have to relearn a new system every time you change weapons. It also streamlines the amount of muscle-memory you have to develop.

PTK imparts to to its practitioners the skills necessary to use survive engagements with single or multiple opponents, regardless of whether they are armed or not, using counter-offensive principles and techniques, rather than defensive ones.


Pekiti Flow

  • Mondays – 8pm-10pm, SMU Green (Opp. History Museum)
  • Sundays – 1030am-1230pm, East Coast Park near Carpark C2

Direct Pekiti

  • Wednesdays – 8pm-10pm, SMU Green (Opp. History Museum)
  • Saturdays – 3pm-4pm, SMU Green (Opp. History Museum)

Valkyrie Warriors (Beginning in August)

  • Tuesdays – 8pm-9pm, SMU Green (Opp. History Museum)
  • Thursdays – 7pm-8pm, SMU Green (Opp. History Museum)
  • Saturdays – 5pm-6pm, SMU Green (Opp. History Museum)


  • Open Mind, and desire to learn, apply yourself and have fun :)
  • Training shirt / tank top + shorts or track pants / sweatpants
  • Trainers
  • Spare shirt if you plan to change out after class.
  • Lots of water! (we recommend at least 1.5L per hour)

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