Chinese New Year Neighbourhood Outreach

Superfly Monkey Dragons teamed up with Natasha Studio on 24-25 January to reach out to families-in-need staying at King George Road, just before the Chinese New Year festivities.

The mission: pack over 1000 1-kilo bags of rice, canned food, biscuits and noodles to distribute to over 650 one-room apartment units. Manually transport supplies to residential area. Distribute bags, offer aid if needed, deploy warm smiles, take residential surveys. We are glad to announce that the mission was a success!

Thank you to all traceurs and members of our community who came down to help out our streetdance neighbours in this project. We are all one family – we start together and finish together. Let’s keep being strong to be useful!

Pictures of the two days of work can be found at our Facebook Event Page.
Natasha Studio will definitely be conducing more social initiatives in the future. Their Support page can be found at: NTS Support. Show them some love!

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